Content Creation – the Writer’s Block

An all too common downfall of business websites (large & small) is a lack of regular content. There are some very good reasons to be focussed on producing quality content for your site, so planning in this area is important. Posting quality content on a regular basis will increase your site rankings in search results, but more importantly this is how you engage with your existing and future audience/clients. The ‘bloggers’ out there make content creation look easy, but what should you write about when your business isn’t about the written word?

Frankly, this is the most important conversations we have with our clients before we begin working on their website with them. Why? Because if you have nothing to say, then you are probably better off not standing on the stage. A static website that offers no more than a business address is a poor tool, and one that consumers can find unprofessional and unappealing.


OK, so what should I write about?

The answer to this question is simple: Tell people about your passion for what you do. Tell people why you and your team are the people to employ to do it. Tell people that you are actively in the business, every day, talking to your customers/followers and listening to what’s going on.

This is not a small task, but nothing meaningful happens without effort. It requires some planning and no small measure of execution. It is important to invest time in your website so that it can work for you. You are in business because you have something to put out there in the world – be it a service, product, art or activity. Tell people about it!

Who will do the writing? Who has the time?

I hear you moan, “You sing a pretty song WebMaster, but we’re not novelists! I’ve never penned so much as a limerick. I simply can’t write!”- well, you don’t necessarily have to. All you have to do is supply the passion for what you do. Here are some solutions we’ve found for our clients:

  • Source a writer on your staff. If you recognise that you aren’t able to write, source a staff member that enjoys writing and give them the task. If they lack the industry knowledge or experience, spend 30 minutes going over the website material for the week so they know what they’re writing.
  • Use your phone to record yourself while talking to friends/family about your work. Many people we meet that are exceptionally passionate about their line of work can talk about it endlessly, but not write a word. If that’s you: record it, and transcribe it later.
  • Source someone that writes copy for your field. This will usually be an added expense, however if you’re struggling for quality content, this may be money well spent.