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There aren’t really secret strategies when it comes to a successful website, in fact it’s pretty straight forward. It’s about engaging people in the story of whatever it is you do in the world. You can evaluate the success of your own site by looking at how may of your customers, fans and followers use your site to stay in touch with what’s happening. If you are selling goods online, then it’s even easier to gauge how well your website is performing for you.

The passion and expertise you have – that’s all you. We can help by providing a solid, dynamic website for you to promote it. How do we do this? »

Building and Maintaining your website • Planning & Strategy

Getting your web site up and running is pretty easy. Making it look just right takes a little more time, but it’s not so difficult, either. The stuff that takes real guts, grit and glamour is planning for the future of your site. It’s about making sure your website stays current, and keeps talking to the audience. For some people, this is also complemented via social media channels. If you’ve got a website, you need to plan ahead to keep it working for you.

This is where some quality planning time can really have great benefit. We’re here to help with that!

Go-Live Party!

Woot! Celebrate! We are excited to go live and want to share the fantasic feels with you all. We will be offering a VERY limited amount of promotional / advertising space on our site on a month by month basis, and we’re giving away the first month free. You can go in the draw to win some cyber real estate by sharing our website on Twitter with the hashtag #TSMLive and we’ll be in touch.

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Master WordPress

Ten Spades Media do far more than simply build websites. We assist our customers develop their own website strategy & social media plan, and teach them how to implement it effectively. Further, we are constantly writing and building our library of educational articles to assist with any questions that come up. Start by book-marking the TSM BLOG and if you have questions, send them through via our contact page. We love answering questions!