Web Design with Ten Spades Media

What we do …and what we DON’T do

What we do for our clients is provide website design and strategies to get them heard in the world.

Here’s what we don’t do. We are not in the traditional design business of re-selling an exorbitantly expensive in-house custom CMS. So many people we have spoken to about their web design experiences have found themselves encumbered with a website that cannot be edited without repeated phone calls and emails to designers and sales teams. Then there are hours, days and sometimes weeks of waiting until changes are actually seen. Oh, and a considerable site updating expense that can be hundreds of dollar per change.

The problem is: that’s an antiquated model that aims to profit off you handsomely for many years after your site is delivered to you (which it never fully is).

Does this sound familiar? We’ve certainly heard this time and time again. Well, you can take back the control – and we can teach you how. In a digital era where search engines ignore ‘static’ sites, you can’t afford to let your content stagnate, and every update you make shouldn’t be an expense. We’ve experienced this ourselves and we’ve got a better solution. The financial scraping has gone on long enough.

We’ll teach you how. For free.

So, here’s something shocking: we don’t charge anything for the most valuable resource we provide. Education. We take a far more holistic approach to this business and assist you with designing a solution yourself that suits your needs. We’ll provide tools that guide you how to best use your time and money. We can assist with some of the tricky, technical stuff during your set-up, but our aim is to educate you how to manage your own site using resources available to you, so that the only expense you’ll have is ‘hosting‘.

Who can we help?

We can offer website solutions for nearly anyone who needs to be on the web. Business owners, independent artists of all kinds, collaborators, not-for-profits, charities, social groups etc. If you need something on the web, chances are we can help you! Just get in touch and ask.